Nov 27, 2018Hall Of Fame Baseball Cards

One of our long time, local collectors comes into the shop recently and proceeds to tell us how he took his kids to the local used bookstore last week. He was perusing through an old book and upon opening it up, he discovered a most interesting bookmark which had been left between the pages. The bookmark was a 1988 World Series, Game 1, ticket stub! Yes, Dodger fans, THE game. The game in which an injured Kirk Gibson pinch-hit the game winning, walk-off homerun against Dennis Eckersley of the Oakland Athletics, to propel himself into the Dodger history books and the Dodgers (in 5 games) into World Series championship! Now, this particular ticket stub may not be in mint condition and the original perforation has been torn off, BUT they still have been known to fetch a cool $100 and up on the open market in this condition. Most importantly, it makes a priceless story for this collector to share with others for years to come. Just another way to enjoy the hobby. Keep on reading folks, you never know what might “turn” up amongst the pages. ;) 

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