Jun 17, 2019Hall Of Fame Baseball Cards

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out to celebrate the release of 2019 Topps Series 2 at our “Rip Party”! We have been hosting these parties for about 15 years now and we couldn’t do it without your continued support. We got to see a lot of familiar faces, plus we met a lot of new faces as well. Collectors received a FREE PACK of Series 2 just for coming in the door, the prize wheel was spinning all day for free packs, our friend Michael Mondragon hosted trivia for free packs (check out his YouTube channel @ Beer Baseball Blog), we held a box folding contest for free packs, hosted a free jumbo box group break and we ended up giving away a total of 6 boxes of Series 2, including 3 boxes during our free raffle! If you missed this event, don’t worry, you can join us for our 2019 Topps Update Rip Party later this season PLUS, don’t forget about National Baseball Card Day on August 10th!! Thanks again everyone!

Be sure copy and paste this link into your browser to watch all the highlights on our YouTube channel:

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