Oct 26, 2017Hall Of Fame Baseball Cards

Case breaks are a perfect way to enjoy collecting a new product at a fraction of the normal price. Here at Hall Of Fame, they are also a great way to meet other collectors. Unlike many other "online" breakers, we perform all our breaks LIVE in-store and invite participants and non-participants alike, to come down and watch in person. While you are here, grab a refreshment, perhaps a couple packs of cards and hang out with everyone else while we rip into a full case of product, looking for those case hits. Very exciting! 


How do they work?

With a "random" case break, each participant purchases a spot(s), then once all 30 spots are filled gets randomly matched up with an MLB team. We break open the case LIVE in-store and simultaneously on our YouTube channel for all to watch. Once finished, the participants receive the cards from the entire case (cases have multiple boxes of cards in them) from the team(s) they randomly got matched up with. 

With "pick your team" case breaks, the participants can pick and purchase the team(s) they want to collect. Prices vary by team popularity and checklist. 

There are other ways of doing case breaks too, but these are the two most common types of breaks. 


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