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Join us LIVE on our YouTube channel every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights at 4pm PST for Personal Breaks! This is a time when we are LIVE on YouTube opening products for you, the viewers, while you watch! You purchase the products you want, we rip them while you watch, then ship your cards for FREE! We also offer a variety of other options for purchase including Prize Wheel Spins, Pack Wars, Box Wars, Raffles and more!! Visit our Group Breaks page to make your purchases, then join us LIVE on YouTube for all the fun!


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  • So how do i sign up

    Mando L on
  • I was planning on coming by tomorrow my daughter had saved up her money to let me buy a box of cards. After a couple hours of no’s she won. I would like to buy a hobbie box and I’m not sure if we can do I live in house personal break. Let me know. See you tomorrow around noon daughters name is Destiny 07/11/2020

    Gabino limon jr ( call me Gee) on

    gyBxQlMhSAuoTV on

    wfRUJAZLnSmCqEF on

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