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Super Bowl squares give you a chance to win fun prizes and are a great way to have additional fun while watching the big game! They have become quite common not only at Super Bowl parties, but workplaces, restaurants, bars and amongst friends. Below is a list of prizes, details and a brief explanation of how they work. If you have any additional questions don't hesitate to give us a call!


How to get your squares: 

Receive (1) FREE SQUARE for every $50 spent on any football related items in our store or online. Single cards, packs, boxes, memorabilia, Super Bowl Group Event Spots, etc. 

(To participate online, use the code "SQUARES" in note to seller at checkout.)


How squares work:

1) Get your squares by purchasing football products. In store collectors can pick their squares. Online participants will have their squares chosen for them. (To participate online, use the code "SQUARES" in note to seller at checkout.)

2) Once all squares are filled in, we draw numbers 0-9 randomly and list them in order on the side and top squares. Each team will get a random number drawing. 

3) Watch the Super Bowl! At the end of each quarter, whichever two squares match with the corresponding last digits of the score of the game, that will determine the winner for that quarter! For example: If the score at the end of the 1st Quarter is 14 for Team A and 7 for Team B, whoever is in the corresponding 4 and 7 spot, will win the prize for that quarter.  

4) Have fun!!



1st Quarter Prize = Fanatics officially licensed Rams jersey and football packs!

2nd Quarter Prize = Gold Rush Autographed 16"x 20" Football Photo!!

3rd Quarter Prize = Gold Rush Autographed Mini Football Helmet!!!

4th Quarter Prize = Gold Rush Autographed Full Size Football Helmet!!!!


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