2018 Topps Allen & Ginter HALF-CASE BREAK!! (Random Teams Group Break)

  • $19.99

Thank you for your interest in this break!

Please read and understand all terms before making your purchase. 

We are hoping to do this break SATURDAY JULY 21ST AT 1PM PST, if it sells out by then! 


How it works:

  • Purchase a spot(s) in the break
  • Once the break has sold out, you will randomly get matched up with a team(s) using Random.org.
  • List Randomizer video will be posted on our YouTube channel (Hall Of Fame Baseball Cards) for your viewing the night before the break.
  • We open the boxes LIVE in-store and on YouTube.
  • You will receive every card from the entire break from the team(s) you randomly get matched up with.
  • We will ship your cards within 3 business days, allowing for sorting, packaging and processing. 

Product configuration for 6 boxes:

  • 1,152 Cards 
  • 18 Hits (Autos, Relics, Booklets, Buybacks, Rips)
  • 72 Base Short Prints
  • 144 Mini Base Parallels 
  • 72 Full Size Inserts 
  • 24-30 Mini Inserts
  • Look for rookies and autos from SHOHEI OHTANI, RAFAEL DEVERS, RHYS HOSKINS, RONALD ACUNA and many more!!
  • Look for autos from veterans and stars like MIKE TROUT, KEN GRIFFEY JR., KRIS BRYANT, DEREK JETER and many more!!!
  • Look for Cut Signatures from celebrities like AL PACINO, BING CROSBY, JOHNNY CASH and more!

*Break will take place once all spots have sold out, on the date we determine. We hope to do this break on SATURDAY, JULY 21ST!  Due to the nature of card production by the manufacturer and the randomness of this type of event, purchasing a spot does not guarantee you will receive a certain number of cards. Any dual/triple/quad etc. hits will be awarded to the the team that belongs to the first player listed on that card. All non-sports cards will be dedicated to one spot in this break. Buyers assume all risk and responsibility. Absolutely no refunds accepted for any reason. All local pick-up orders must be claimed within 10 days after the break or cards will be forfeited.



LIST OF PARTICIPANTS (updated manually)

1. Dominic D.

2. Lorne M.

3. Patrick W.

4. Matt N.

5. Matt N.

6. Jakey B.

7. Euno L.

8. Kenny L.

9. Evan M.

10. Lucas M.

11. Lucas M.

12. Lucas M.

13. Kevin S.

14. George V.

15. Kevin S.

16. Shawn K.

17. Aiden S.

18. Randall A.

19. Bob R.

20. Bob R.

21. Scott N.

22. Scott N.

23. Scott N.

24. Scott N.

25. Scott N.

26. Scott N.

27. Scott N.

28. Kevin S.

29. Spencer H.

30. Dylan P.

31. Enoch B.



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