2018 Topps Series 1 Regular Hobby 12-box CASE BREAK! (Random Teams)

  • $24.99

*Thank you for your interest in our case break! Please read and understand all terms before making your purchase. 

How it works:

  • Purchase a spot(s) in the break
  • Once the break has sold out, you will randomly get matched up with a team(s) using Random.org.
  • Randomizer video will be posted on our YouTube channel for your viewing the day before the break.
  • We open the case LIVE in-store and on YouTube.
  • You will receive every card from the entire case from the team(s) you randomly got matched up with.
  • We will ship your cards within 10 business days.

Product configuration:

  • 4,320 Cards per case
  • 12 Autos or Relics per case
  • 36 Rainbow Foil Parallels per case
  • 108 1983 Topps Inserts per case
  • 48 MLB Awards Inserts per case
  • 48 Superstar Sensations Inserts per case
  • 48 Topps Salute Inserts per case 

*Estimated release date for this product is 1/31/18. Break will take place once all spots have sold out. Due to the nature of card production by the manufacturer and the randomness of this type of event, purchasing a spot does not guarantee you will receive a certain number of cards. Buyers assume all risk and responsibility. Absolutely no refunds accepted for any reason. Thank you. 


1. James L.

2. James L.

3. James L.

4. James L.

5. Kirk S.

6. Kirk S.

7. Andy J.

8. Andy J.

9. Ben F.

10. Jeff J.

11. Kelsey K.

12. David G.

13. David G.

14. James M.

15. James M.

16. James M.

17. James L.

18. James L.

19. Luke G. 

20. Ian M.

21. Ian M.

22. Ian M.

23. Julio V.

24. Julio V.

25. Julio V.

26. Julio V.

27. Aron F.

28. Aron F.

29.  Ian M.

30. Ian M.



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