2019 Topps Gypsy Queen GROUP BREAK!!

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Thank you for your interest in this break! 

This RANDOM TEAMS 5-BOX HALF CASE GROUP BREAK will take place on or after the Topps scheduled release date of Wednesday, March 27th. Time, TBA. Check back here for updates after the break has sold out. 

This will be a fun break and a chance to collect your favorite current and former MLB stars on the classic Topps Gypsy Queen design! Please tell your friends and jump in today!! 

**UPDATE** This break has SOLD OUT and will take place live in-store and on our YouTube channel this Monday, April 1st at 2pm PST. Thank you and good luck to all participants. Let's start the week off right!


How it works:

  • Purchase a spot(s) in the break.
  • Once all spots have sold out, we will post the date and time of the break above.
  • For this break, all spots will be RANDOMIZED LIVE at the beginning of the break. The randomizer will match all participants with a card(s) using Random.org. 
  • We open the boxes LIVE in-store and on YouTube on the determined date, which will be posted in an update above, as soon as it is scheduled.
  • You will receive every card from the entire break from the team(s) you randomly got matched up with. 
  • We will ship your cards within 3 business days, allowing for sorting, packaging and processing. 

Product configuration for these 5 Boxes:

  • 960 Cards!
  • 10 Autos!
  • Collect SP’s/Parallels/Inserts 
  • 5 Box Topper Packs w/ 3 GQ Chrome Cards per pack
  • Look for all the hot, new ROOKIES, STARS and VETERANS of the upcoming 2019 season in the classic Topps Gypsy Queen design!!

**Break will take place once all spots have sold out, on the date we determine. Due to the nature of card production by the manufacturer and the randomness of this type of event, purchasing a spot does not guarantee you will receive a certain number of cards. Any dual/triple/quad etc. hits will be awarded to the the team that belongs to the first player listed on that card. Buyers assume all risk and responsibility. Absolutely no refunds accepted for any reason. Please make sure to select the correct shipping option for your location at checkout. All local pick-up orders must be claimed within 10 days after the break or cards may be forfeited.**



List of Participants (updated manually)

1. Ron V.

2. Dannie R.

3. Michael H.

4. Michael H.

5. Michael H.

6. Scott H.

7. Rocky D.

8. Eoin D.

9. Terezo L.

10. Terezo L.

11. Nicholas C.

12. Nicholas C.

13. Nicholas C.

14. Michael G.

15. Attila F.

16. Attila F.

17. Attila F.

18. Nicholas C.

19. Nicholas C.

20. Nicholas C.

21. Terezo L.

22. Terezo L.

23. Jayden H.

24. Ryan F.

25. Nicholas C.

26. Nicholas C.

27. Nicholas C.

28. Attila F.

29. Attila F.

30. Attila F.




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